German to English

The following translators are members / corporate members of the ITI and translate from German into English. Some members also translate other languages, which are detailed in their description. Click on each name to view a full profile of the translator.

  • Karen Rutland – Translator, editor, proofreader. I am a qualified translator with 6 years’ previous commercial experience in engineering and IT companies, involving a considerable amount of translation and glossary management on top of various admin and support functions. In addition to several isolated projects undertaken between 2003 and 2007 I have been providing a regular translation and editing/revision service to customers since 2008.
  • Wendy Rees – Translator. Quick and accurate translations from French, German and Dutch into British English.
  • George du Pré – Translator and reviewer. A fluent Spanish and German speaker, with international project management and negotiation experience, who has lived and worked abroad during a 30 year military career. Highly adaptable and used to operating under a variety of adverse conditions and applying initiative to meet tight schedules. Sound technical competence backed up by high IT literacy. An able communicator and presenter, who is comfortable at any level. Easily able to conduct business in both Spanish and German and relate cross-culturally. Commercial language support, translation into English of technical and literary texts and assistance with the production of target customer language promotional material is also offered.
  • Liz Childs-Clarke – Translator and reviewer. I translate documents relating to insurance, civil law e.g. contracts, general business and humanities
  • Lindsay Wagner – A full-time translator since 1991, specialising in the environment, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, human resources and industrial relations
  • Wessex Translations Limited – Corporate Member