Spanish to English

The following translators are members / corporate members of the ITI and translate from Spanish into English. Some members also translate other languages, which are detailed in their description. Click on each name to view a full profile of the translator.

  • Michael Friedli – Translator. Experienced translator with sound engineering and commercial background in industry
  • Sarah Bawa Mason – Translator, Editor, Educator, Lecturer. Freelance translator, editor and educator for more 20 years plus for clients including Oxford University Press, UNICEF-TACRO, Elsevier Doyma, ECLAC and the European Training Foundation. Trained in-house with the InterPress Service, Montevideo, Uruguay. Part-time tutor and guest lecturer on the MA Translation Studies at the University of Portsmouth and London Metropolitan University.
  • Elizabeth Matthews – Translator. 7 years employed as an in-house translator in Latin American department of major London insurance brokers. Freelance translator since 1983, handling texts in a variety of fields, providing a fast, friendly, accurate and efficient translation service for businesses and individuals.
  • Jane Ashford – Dependable, accurate freelance translator, dedicated to providing a client-focussed, professional service since 2006. Specialising in pharmaceuticals and market research, with the additional benefit of having gained an in-depth knowledge of Peruvian Spanish and culture.
  • Gillian Holmes – A fluent Spanish speaker and experienced translator, editor and proof-reader, with a degree in French and Linguistics and 17 years’ experience working in international development and translation in Nicaragua.
  • George du Pré – Qualified translator with a military background. Technical translation from Spanish and German into English. Pro rata discount for translation memory matches in Studio where client TM provided.
  • Nikki Graham – Translator, reviser and proof-editor of any document written in English (especially by non-native speakers) and localiser of US English into UK English. My speciality areas are: leisure, tourism and the hospitality industry; academic papers for publication (humanities and social sciences); education; and the environment and wildlife conservation.
  • Penny Harvey – Translator. Quality technical translation from French and Spanish into English, pro rata discount for TM matches in Studio.
  • Wessex Translations Limited – Corporate Member