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Values and vision

In line with our parent organization, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), the ITI Wessex Regional Group (ITI WSX) seeks to promote the highest standards in the profession, supporting our members and representing our industry at the very top level.

The ITI has gained a trusted reputation within the industry. Therefore all members of the ITI and ITI WSX are required to adhere to and uphold the ITI Code of Professional Conduct.

Purpose of our regional group

ITI WSX is a group of translators and interpreters living in the Wessex region (including, but not limited to, the core counties of Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire). It exists as a platform to facilitate social interaction between these persons and to organize events designed to further their common professional interests. Members are free to decide on their level of involvement in both of the above.


Membership of ITI WSX is open to all translators, interpreters and language students in the region. ITI WSX members do not have to be members of the ITI. However, only Qualified Members and Fellows of the ITI are permitted to maintain a profile on the ITI WSX website.

Membership fees are payable on admission to ITI WSX, and thereafter by 31 January every year. Members who ignore reminders to pay their subscriptions may have their membership revoked after a three-month period.


At an AGM the members:
• Receive the accounts of ITI WSX for the previous financial year
• Receive the reports of the committee members on the group’s activities since the previous AGM
• Receive a report on the membership structure
• Elect the committee members
• Discuss the membership structure and membership fees for the subsequent year
• Discuss and determine any issues of policy or deal with any other business put before them by the ITI WSX committee.

ITI WSX committee roles and responsibilities

As a minimum, ITI WSX must have a Coordinator, a Membership Officer and a Treasurer.

Other officers can be elected at the AGM if the membership deems this necessary.

Committee members are elected at the AGM and hold office until the next AGM.
Committee members have the power to co-opt committee members at any time, and co-opted committee members serve until the date of the next AGM.

The committee is tasked with the day to day running of ITI WSX. It is not required to meet formally to make decisions. However, any decisions that do not fall under the role descriptions below must be approved by a majority of the committee, and any decisions involving financial outlay that is not linked to an event being organized by ITI WSX or to regular administration issues must be approved by a majority of the members. Email approval is accepted in both cases.


• Must be a Qualified or Associate member of the ITI
• Can be temporarily appointed by the Board of the ITI
• Passes information from the ITI to the ITI WSX members
• Provides the ITI with information about the group and its activities
• Organizes the AGM
• Coordinates the efforts of the other committee members.


• Monitors and manages the finances and bank account of ITI WSX
• Collects and collates payments and issues receipts where required for events organized by ITI WSX
• Should not be the sole signatory on the bank account.

Membership officer

• Designs and sends out membership forms each calendar year
• Responds to membership queries from potential new members
• Processes membership forms and liaises with the treasurer to ensure membership fees are paid
• Ensures that member details on the ITI WSX website are correct and that only Qualified Members and Fellows of ITI are represented
• Manages the ITI WSX membership database and provides contact details to other committee members as necessary.

Updated: 21 January 2019

Visit our About page.