Liz Childs-Clark – translator

Language Combinations: French, German and Dutch into English
Experience and Areas of Specialisation: Insurance, civil law especially contracts, general business and humanities
Accreditation, Membership, Qualifications and Certificates: BA Joint honours 2:1 in French and German from the University of Bradford, UK, 1977;
Founder member of ITI (1986); MITI (1989); MCIOL for French, German and Dutch (1982, 1983 and 2014),
Diploma of the Chartered Insurance Institute (1998) involving the study of English law, legal principles of insurance, commercial property, life and health insurance and pensions;
DipTransIoLET for Dutch to English translation, with business and law specialisms (2006);
member of British Insurance Law Association, Franco-British Lawyers’ Society and British-German Jurists’ Association;
I have been preparing for the Certificate in Contract Wording examination
Equipment, and Resources: Windows 7, MS Office 2007
Profile: I translate documents relating to insurance, civil law e.g. contracts, general business and humanities
Professional Networks: LinkedIn :
Telephone: 02381 842181
07790 464569