Slamming in Southampton

A somewhat depleted German contingent of the Wessex Regional Group met on 19th October for one of our trademark informal and non-confrontational slams. The morning didn’t get off to a great start when we arrived at our chosen venue only to discover it unexpectedly closed for the day, but fortunately Southampton isn’t short of coffee shops, so we diverted to another nearby café and got down to work.

The text I picked this time was a piece of website marketing for an electricity company offering electric car charging – right up my street as I’d left my car plugged into a public charger just around the corner! At first glance it was quite straightforward, but closer examination revealed a source text liberally sprinkled with inaccuracies, inconsistencies and bits that simply didn’t make much sense, leading to lively discussions, especially when we compared our drafts with the published English version.

Our work done, the text picked to pieces and a vastly improved translation agreed upon, we moved on for lunch. Our working venue was a little too bijou to allow for photos, so the attached picture is the five of us about to tuck into a delicious lunch on the edge of Southampton’s cultural quarter.

Text & photo by Wendy Rees, MITI

Clockwise from left: George du Pré, Karen Rutland, Charlotte Marston, Kathryn O’Donoghue and Wendy Rees.