German to English

The following translators are members / corporate members of the ITI and translate from German into English. Some members also translate other languages, which are detailed in their description. Click on each name to view a full profile of the translator.

  • Kathryn O’Donoghue – Translator, indexer, proof-reader. I worked as an in-house translator in Germany for 4 years, then 5 years as a technical author for an IT company in the UK. I started working as a freelancer in 2006. I have built up good relationships with regular clients and enjoy the flexibility offered by freelancing. I mainly translate from German into English but occasionally work from Italian. I work in the areas of textiles, art, tourism, business and marketing, IT and Human Resources. I also offer proofreading and indexing services.
  • Wendy Rees – Translator. Quick and accurate translations from French, German and Dutch into British English.
  • George du Pré – Qualified translator with a military background. Technical translation from German and Spanish into English. Pro rata discount for translation memory matches in Studio where client TM provided.
  • Liz Childs-Clarke – Translator and reviewer. I translate documents relating to insurance, civil law e.g. contracts, general business and humanities
  • Lindsay Wagner – A full-time translator since 1991, specialising in the environment, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, human resources and industrial relations
  • Wessex Translations Limited – Corporate Member