Tudor Southampton via Zoom

Following on from the resounding success of her presentation on ‘Medieval Southampton’ Katie Belo dos Santos gave a talk about ‘Tudor Southampton’ on April 8. As well as being a freelance interpreter, translator, lecturer and Fellow of ITI, Katie is a qualified guide for Southampton and the New Forest.

She whisked us back in time to visit the Tudor House and Garden, Westgate Hall, the castles along Solent Water, and many other locations. She also provided interesting references for those who would like to learn more about the history of Southampton in Tudor times. A good book is ‘Tudor Southampton: Rioters, Revellers & Reformers’, by Cheryl Butler.

The Facebook group:

provides lots of information about all aspects of Southampton.

Last, but certainly not least, on May 4 Katie will give a talk via Zoom about

Foreign Influences in Southampton Throughout Time

Click on the link for more information about this event, not organised by ITI Wessex.

Many thanks to Katie for another wonderful presentation! We hope to organise a ‘live tour’ of the places mentioned in her talk when lockdown restrictions are eased.